Hello UiTM Machang!

Hello! It's been awhile tak lepaks sini. Been busy lately. There's lotsa stories to be told here. But hold on! I will keep writing those stories later on. So, let's focus to this short update. Teheee

How's life?

→Emm so far so good. Baru berhenti from my current job as Personal Assistant to the Dean of School of Education & Modern Languages at UUM.
(Thanks a bunch for the memories & experiences I've been through. Will never forget all those moments♥ Of course Syidah takkan lupa semua orang kat SEML.
→The UPU's result is out! So yeah, I will be away for my degree at UiTM Machang, Kelantan. (Bachelor in Office System Mangament) Tak pernah pergi sejauh ni dari family and stay lama kat sana. Hopefully, I will be okay.

Okay, done for my short update. Tudiaa hegeh gila nak speaking. Hahahaha rojak pulak tu. Pastu grammar teruk. Hahaha. Bye peeps!

p/s: sesiapa yang dapat kat uitm machang tu, please comment kat bawah ni. saya takda geng. huwaaaaaa

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